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90% Positive Results with over 120,000 patients globally

Our Technology has been tested around the world providing Superior Outcomes Documented, Evidenced Based Solutions to reducing pain.


Our Technology is published and clinically validated to produce long-term outcomes. Proven combination of symptom relief and spine functional adaptation 90% positive results in over 150,000 patients worldwide Significantly reduces pain and disability while rebuilding function and well-being for a more productive and meaningful life

Convenient PAIN RELIEF

Our technology and copyrighted protocol provides a more efficient scheduling and clinical treatment setting. Better business model to maximize income without sacrificing outcomes 50% higher patient retention rate versus conventional spine methods

Economical PAIN RELIEF

Our memberships offer low-cost solutions that meet your needs . Our technology and clinic design allow us to treat more patients with less staff for reduced overhead expenses including reduced clinician paperwork allowing to enhances patient treatments and outcomes.


Over 12,000 patients have seen success around he world using this technology. That is why it is used by top neurosurgeon, pain management physician, orthopedics, and pain professional looking for the best treatment to enhance your practice offering a clinically different, exclusive advantage over the competition.

How to live a pain free life!

What A Relief Pain Centers has been designed with the member in-mind.

In todays fast paced environment, ease of use is important. That is why are clinics are located near you and are open 7AM to 7PM Monday – Saturday.
Pain Relief designed around you not a doctors schedule

Our Clinics leverage world-class technology with documented superior outcomes in a global network of spine care centers utilized by medical professionals and employers. This active spine care program has proven benefits of: Superior outcomes to current spine treatment methods Increased clinical staff efficiency Objective spine functional documentation for payer requirements Maximized efficiency for physician-patient plan of care Decreased absenteeism, Presenteeism and ongoing medical claims Increased employee health, well-being and productivity What A Relief ® is an evidence-based, bio-psychosocial spine functional restoration program, proven to not only improve spine health, but also to improve the overall well-being of your patients and employees. If addressing back pain is the focus of your spine care center or business, then DBC Active Spine Care® can provide an exclusive, clinically different program to enhance your clinical practice and reduce employer risk.

  • Success Rate

    Over 12,000 clients have seen success with this technology

  • Satisfaction

    Almost every customer is satisfied with our clinical protocol for long lasting relief.

  • Referral

    All ouf our clients have or are willing to refer a friend or family member in need of pain relief.

  • Retention Rate

    Our members say the only reason they leave is because they leave a service area.

Here to serve you!

Our corporate team, along with each clinic has a PAIN FREE goal. We want to make sure everyone who we connect with knows there are options available for a pain reduced lifestyle.
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Pain Expert
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